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A bespoke coaching program crafted for you to achieve your greatest self as a leader, with a helping hand.


Are you ready to unleash your full potential as a leader?


Do you struggle to balance your personal life with your professional responsibilities?

Are you feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by the demands of your job?

Do you feel disconnected from your true self and your sense of purpose?

Are you struggling to build meaningful relationships with your colleagues, superiors, or employees?

Do you find it challenging to manage conflict or difficult conversations in the workplace?

Are you struggling to motivate and engage your employees or team members?

Are you having trouble adapting to changes in your industry or the broader business landscape?

Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut professionally and aren't sure how to advance your career?

Do you struggle with imposter syndrome or self-doubt?

Are you looking for new tools and strategies to enhance your leadership skills and effectiveness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Project Lampros might be the right solution for you.




Project Lampros is a bespoke coaching program designed for senior executives and leaders who are ready to shine their inner light more brightly, live life more authentically, and make a positive impact in their organizations and communities.


Our program is personalized to meet your unique needs and challenges, and provides you with the guidance, support, and resources you need to become the best leader you can be. With Project Lampros, you will discover your unique strengths, values, and purpose, and learn how to leverage them to achieve your goals and create a legacy of impact and significance.


We believe that every individual has the potential to become a shining leader, and our program is designed to help you tap into that potential and achieve your fullest potential. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and we will work with you every step of the way to help you overcome your challenges, embrace your strengths, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Join us on this transformative journey, and together we will create a brighter future for you and those around you.

"I had the privilege of working with Samir Geepee as my coach, and it has been a transformative experience. As a senior executive in a fast-paced and demanding environment, I had developed a reputation for micromanaging my team. I knew that my behavior was not sustainable, and I needed to change my leadership style to be more effective.


One of the most powerful experiences I had with Samir was when he asked me a question that completely shifted my perspective on micromanaging. He asked me, 'What is driving your need to micromanage your team?' At first, I didn't know how to answer the question, but Samir's gentle guidance helped me explore my underlying beliefs and motivations.


Through our coaching conversations, I realized that my need to micromanage was rooted in a fear of failure and a lack of trust in my team members. Samir helped me understand that my micromanaging behavior was actually limiting my team's potential and hindering their growth.


With this newfound awareness, Samir helped me develop strategies to delegate tasks more effectively and trust my team members to make decisions on their own. He also helped me improve my communication skills, which allowed me to collaborate more effectively with my team and build stronger relationships with my colleagues.


Thanks to Samir's guidance, I was able to shift my leadership style from one of micromanaging to one of empowering my team. I began to see my team members flourish and take on new challenges, which boosted their productivity and morale. I felt more fulfilled as a leader, knowing that I was creating a positive impact on my team and the organization as a whole.


Today, I am a more effective and inspiring leader, and I credit Samir's coaching for helping me transform my leadership style. My team members trust me, and they feel more empowered to take ownership of their work, which has led to higher productivity and better outcomes. I highly recommend Samir to anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and create a positive impact on their team.”



5 Reasons why this could be
the solution you have been looking for

1. Tailored approach to leadership development

Project Lampros offers a completely bespoke coaching experience that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Together, we will identify your specific pain points and create a customized development plan that addresses those areas of concern. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the guidance and resources you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

2. Personalized attention & support

Project Lampros provides you with the personal attention and support you need to succeed. As a 1 on 1 bespoke service, you will have me as your dedicated coach, which guarantees the highest level of support, guidance, and accountability throughout your journey.


3. High Impact Transformation

With my proven track record of personal transformation, you can expect to see significant improvements in your leadership effectiveness, work-life balance, and overall well-being. Through a combination of experiential learning, coaching, and peer support, you will develop the skills and mindset you need to thrive both professionally and personally. My coaching is specifically designed to create high-impact transformation that lasts beyond the duration of the program.

4. Enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence

At Project Lampros, we focus on cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which are crucial skills for effective leadership. By developing these skills, you will be better equipped to manage your own emotions, communicate more effectively with others, and build stronger relationships with your team members.

5. Greater clarity of purpose and vision

Through the coaching process, you will gain greater clarity of your purpose and vision as a leader, which will help you make more confident and informed decisions. By aligning your personal values and goals with your professional aspirations, you will be able to lead with greater authenticity and create a positive impact in your organization and beyond.

Working with Samir was a game-changer for me. As a senior executive at a fast-growing tech startup, I often felt like a fraud, despite leading my team to impressive results. Samir helped me recognize that these feelings were a classic case of imposter syndrome, and taught me how to challenge and reframe my negative self-talk. One specific session that stands out was when Samir helped me reframe a mistake I made as a learning opportunity, rather than a reflection of my incompetence. This simple shift in mindset changed everything for me. I developed greater self-awareness and a stronger sense of my own value and capabilities, which allowed me to step into my role as a leader with more confidence and authenticity. Thanks to Samir, I am now thriving both professionally and personally.





Commitment, integrity, and Authenticity are the core principles of Project Lampros. We believe that these principles are essential for personal transformation and growth. We will build everything on the foundation of these three core principles. You may call them values, pillars or principles. That doesn’t change what we will focus on creating.

We will operate from a space of possibilities and be limitless in our journey of creating impact.


You will learn to 10X your impact, your income and your inner peace.

So you can do the same for your clients.

Join Me

Project Kairos begins September 2023.

This is a $15,000 program.  And, I’m drawn to people with a bias for action, so the earlier you enroll the more you save.  Enroll now and save $1,500 when you select the pay in full option.

Current Price :  $13,500
(Installment plans available)

Have questions? Email me at


Our Policies

1. Cancellation Policy

We have a No Refund Policy for a reason. You see we love people who want to play full out. If you’re in, you’re in. It’s called Commitment. “Hell Yes. Or Hell No”. There is nothing else.

2. The “Power of Vulnerability” Policy”

Show up to ready to hide nothing—and hold nothing back. You will triple the value you get by playing this way. As Brené Brown puts it, “Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.”

3. The “200% Responsibility” Policy

Great coaching relationships involve 200% Responsibility. I PROMISE you, that I will show up 100%. I won’t hide or hold anything back. On your side, you will show up 100%. You won’t hide or hold anything back. Take action, even when you’re afraid. Be vulnerable. Lean into your edge. Take risks. Mess up, screw up, FAIL! Again and again and again. Because more failure is the only guaranteed path to more success.

Now you may choose NOT to join Project Lampros today. And that is OK.

While you do that, do consider these five specific consequences that may arise as a result of that choice:

1. Continued struggles with leadership effectiveness

Without the guidance and support of a program like Project Lampros, you may continue to struggle with the same pain points that are hindering your leadership effectiveness, such as poor communication skills, lack of emotional intelligence, or ineffective decision-making.

2. Missed opportunities for growth and advancement

By not investing in your personal development, you may miss out on opportunities for growth and advancement in your career. This could mean missing out on promotions, opportunities for leadership roles, or other career advancements.

3. Difficulty managing work-life balance

Without the skills and strategies for managing your work-life balance effectively, you may continue to struggle with burnout, stress, and other negative consequences of an imbalanced life.

4. Strained relationships with team members

Poor communication and emotional intelligence skills can lead to strained relationships with your team members, which can have negative consequences for team morale, productivity, and effectiveness.

5. Limited impact and legacy

Without a clear sense of purpose and vision for your leadership, you may find it challenging to create a positive impact and leave a meaningful legacy in your organization and community.


"Samir is a wonderful person to have conversations with. The conversations he brings among people are deep and thought provoking. I still remember the very first conversation I had with him. Among other things, what stuck with me and made me think was the question ‘What is your goal?’ Seemingly simple, yet a tough one for me, which I took long to find an answer to.

What I love about Samir is the way he builds conversations and binds them with organization’s goals. The recent workshop he had for our school leaders was one such example. Starting with a simple game, he made us all reflect on our choices, not just as individuals but also collectively as an organization. The learning was tremendous. The session left us energized to start off the new academic year in full vigor."


"A No-nonsense, straight shooter, Samir calls things for what it is."


"I was invited to speak in public with Samir and found him to be an outstanding host and compere. He guides conversations with great skill, empathy and just enough gravitas to make his (and my) messages land, but not so much as to make it boring or stilted. Excellent. Well done Samir and good luck with this enterprise going forward!"

"When one is born with a distinctly different mindset and yet one does not bother to ever fit in, but instead focusses on crafting oneself to self optimisation- that to me deserves deep respect. That speaks of the way you impact the world and how you add value to other peoples lives - inspiring them to be better. To me that is what Samir Geepee epitomises. He is uniquely skilled in bettering the world we live in and his energy opens up the red carpet for him wherever he goes. Keep exploring, keep impacting my friend."


I’m looking forward to working with you. Love, Rich

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